You feel like…

You say things like…

- You’d rather learn the right way to approach marketing, than hire someone to do it for you.

- You’d love to obtain skills that you can pass on to your team.

- You’d feel less stressed if you had a strategy.

- You don’t have a ton of time to dedicate, so anything you learn needs to be quick & easy.

- You’re sick of putting marketing on the backburner, and need an ‘easy button’ to get it all done.

- You want 2019 to look better than 2018, you just need help getting there.

- I know I should be using Pinterest but I just don’t know where to start.

- I know I should be sending weekly e-mails, but I just don’t have time.

- I know I should be writing blog posts, but what do I even write about?

- I know I could be using Instagram Stories & IGTV better, but I just don’t like being on camera.

- I would love to collaborate with influencers, but how do I get in touch with them, and how do I know which ones are the right fit for my brand?

- I just have so many other things to focus on, I need someone to hold me accountable.


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learn quickly & efficiently

Absorb only the most important information to put into practice.


develop a sustainable strategy

Develop a plan that will be easily executed each month to yield the best results.


community & accountability

Bond with other ethical business owners, and have accountability partners to hold you to making a difference in your marketing in 2019.

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